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Baby Blessing & Naming Ceremonies

A Baby Blessing and/or Naming ceremony welcomes the child into the family and community. For families who are not churchgoers and do not want a baptism or christening, but do want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, a Baby Blessing and/or Naming ceremony is a wonderful alternative.  It is a time to not only welcome your new baby into your world, but to also give gratitude for their safe arrival.  The family, friends and relatives vow their nurturing support, love and guidance to the child and can present symbolic gifts as keepsakes.   Such ceremonies further serve to deepen our awareness of the special gift and responsibility that children are in our lives. 

The ceremony can be held anywhere: in the home or garden of the new baby, in a function room of a hotel, or in a natural setting. Think of what would be comfortable and convenient for the mother and new baby, as well as the family and friends who will attend. Choose a time that fits in with the baby’s daily schedule, ideally between feeds. The ceremony is no longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

The parents may like to speak about their choice of baby name and any special significance or family history attached to it. At this time they could also speak of their happiness and directly welcome the baby. A ceremony might include an opening statement, parents promising to care for the new child, when applicable honoring  siblings, grandparents and/or godparents,  remembering those who have passed, candle lighting, when appropriate honoring the baby’s name and its meaning, and a closing prayer or blessing.

In a Naming Ceremony, the choice of the given name is important and the ceremony serves to identify this new baby as someone who exists as a unique individual—with a name that has meaning. Often, the meaning of the name is explained as part of the welcoming ceremony.

In a Blessing Ceremony there are many creative ways to make your ceremony unique and truly memorable. You can include poetry or prose readings and music, decorate the tables and area with flowers, candles or other significant items, or plant a living tree that will grow along with the child.

I would be honored and delighted to meet with you and create an event to honor your child's arrival and the sacredness of life's journey with blessings and celebration.

Next step?  Make an Obligation-free Inquiry. Once we book a date, you will receive:
       * A ceremony design consultation (approximately 1 hour)
       * The preparation of a customized ceremony outline & script
       * Professional facilitation of your ceremony at the time and place of your choice
       * A framed certificate acknowledging the blessing

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