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Megan and Andrew – May 2016

Dear Reverend O’Connor,
Participating in Judith’s Couples Empowerment sessions is the best decision we’ve made as a couple. The sessions do not end after you are married and, frankly, we do not want them to. Marriage is simply the first step and there are bound to bumps in the road with any couple, ourselves included. During our sessions Judith always reminds us that yes we are individuals, but we need to work as a team for our marriage to work and be successful. We highly recommend her sessions to anyone who is interested in strengthening their relationship, again they are priceless! Becoming empowered together is a blessing, and we are and will continue to be because of Judith’s amazing work.

Relationship Empowerment Program  

Tina and Andrew – May 2015

Dear Reverend Judith,
We were uncertain about setting our wedding date. Our relationship was having serious problems and we felt things were only getting worse. You came highly recommended from our dearest friends who you married 5 years ago. When we heard about your relationship empowerment program, we decided to give you a call. You gave us such encouragement over the phone that we looked forward to meeting with you. It has been an incredibly eye-opening experience to see that the problems we had all came from past relationships that neither of us ever knew how to deal with. The understanding you gave us along with the homework and tools we have religiously used has taken our relationship to the highest point it has ever been. We can’t wait to be married and know this guidance will help us throughout our lives. We can’t even find the right words to thank you. God bless you.

Nicole and Adam – June 2016

Dear Reverend O’Connor,
When I saw your cable TV show on weddings with Zita, I knew my fiancé and I needed to meet you. When you spoke about how couples can sometimes have a mother son or father daughter relationship it hit home. When we called you, you gave us such encouragement that really couldn’t wait to meet you. The sessions we have done has not only helped us to communicate better but has given both of us more self- confidence in ourselves. We look forward to the tune ups you mentioned and know you will always be a positive influence in our lives. Thank you thank you thank you!

Jennifer and Rob - April 2015

Dear Judith,
The best decision we ever made was to go through your couples empowerment program. I thought we were taking it because of issues I saw with my husband-to-be but was pleasantly surprised (with your gentle guidance) to see that I had my own work to do. Rob and I are so thankful and appreciate how sensitive you were and how we never feld judged and always supported by you. We did the homework together, learned more about how to be supportive to each other, and feel the tools you’ve given us we will carry through our whole marriage. Thank you again so very much.

Be Your Best Self
Do Not Allow Unresolved Issues To Affect Your
Relationship or Marriage 

This personalized program supports any two people in a relationship to learn and practice effective ways to communicate.  We explore the opportunity each person has to give as well as receive support.   Each person brings their own history that we examine if repeating patterns are of concern.  If not, we review communication styles and how to be the best partner possible.

"Dear Judith,  You came into our lives at the perfect time.  Our family was in complete turmoil.  My husband and I needed guidance on our relationship as well as with our two teenage children.  We rolled in as the perfect storm -- issues with our marriage, jobs, family and with just weeks to go until our move across the country.  You reeled us in with your straight talk.  You had us make lists, you gave us homework, and you held us accountable.  We had plenty of laughs with you, but we shared tears too.  You brought us back on course with our life and we will never forget our sessions with you.  Thank you so very much!"  - Betsy and Ed

Empowerment is...

  • knowing how and when to set boundaries   

  • being aware of repeating patterns that are not supportive of one another and working together to change them

  • knowing of the need to have regular meetings and to participate  in them by sharing hurts or upsets that you wrote in your journal to share

  • holding yourself and each other accountable and doing what you say

  • being supportive of your partner in all ways

  • having compassion  for the impact of old hurts

  • practicing  forgiveness to self and each other

  • being proactive in  setting  short and long term goals

  • being 100% honest always

Each session is 1 ½ hours  at my home in West Haven, Connecticut or,  if necessary, via Skype or phone.   The number of appointments dependent upon the needs and concerns of each person.   It has been my privilege to work with individuals and couples for over 30 years as a Reverend, Coach and Hypnotherapist.  Whether counseling or officiating a wedding, I’ve learned that happiness is co-created and accomplished as a result of awareness and commitment to practicing healthy consistent communication.